Hebel Blocks

Hebel® PowerBlocks are large AAC blocks, laid in much the same way as bricks but using Hebel® Adhesive to form a monolithic structure. Typically, external walls use a single skin of 250mm thick blocks while internal, non-loadbearing walls use 100mm thick blocks.

Walls built with Hebel® PowerBlocks are strong and durable, providing you with the security of solid masonry with the added advantages that the unique nature of Hebel® AAC can deliver.

Compared to traditional double brick construction, Hebel® Block Walls can be laid much faster, saving time and building costs. Building with Hebel® PowerBlocks creates more internal floor area for the same building dimensions.

Building with Hebel® PowerBlocks provides loadbearing walls that completely eliminate combustible material from the wall construction making Hebel® an ideal choice for bushfire prone areas.