Installation of Hebel in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

CSR Hebal Commercial & Industrial Wall Systems

CSR Hebel has developed systems for commercial and industrial applications that harness the benefits of lightweight construction where thermal, acoustic and fire properties are desired.

The systems are an ideal complement to steel frame construction where a strong, durable, yet quick to install, non-loadbearing cladding is required.

Panels are individually manufactured in varying thicknesses and lengths to suit specific projects.

Although it is remarkably lightweight, CSR Hebel AAC is solid and durable. CSR Hebel panels are reinforced with steel for extra strength. CSR Hebel is also extremely fire resistant and is not a food source for termites.

As they are lightweight, CSR Hebel materials are quick to assemble, saving building time and costs. They also minimise the need for supporting materials, saving budget resources and energy.

Europa Constructions Pty Ltd specialises in the following:

  • Hebel Panels
  • Hebel Blocks
  • Hebel Floor Panels
  • Hebel Power Panels
  • Fire Tunnels
  • Fire doors
  • Skim coat render