Solid and Strong

Hebel steel reinforced PowerPanels provide the solid feel, security and peace-of mind associated with traditional bricks. In fact, independent tests show that a rendered Hebel wall has similar impact resistance to brick. The steel reinforced Hebel internal panels also add strength and security between rooms compared to plasterboard systems.


Fire Resistant

Hebel is renowned for its fire resistant properties. A non-combustible material, Hebel panel systems achieve Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) from60 minutes through to 240 minutes (tested atCSIRO) and meet or exceed the requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)categories. When building with Hebel, you’re building with peace-of-mind that your home is safe and secure.


Comfortable living enviroment

Hebel panels have superior insulation qualities compared to other masonry products. With better thermal resistance and thermal mass, Hebel is a smart choice for meeting Australia’s stringent building regulations. And, for homeowners, it means there is less reliance on heaters or air conditioners – helping to save money and being kinder to the environment, too.


Sustainability for a better world

Environmentally friendly, Hebel products and systems are the sustainable choice. Independent testing shows that overall Hebel has a 30% lower environmental impact than concrete or brick veneer. Using over 60% less embodied energy, and producing at least 55% less greenhouse emissions than concrete or brick veneer, Hebel is the cleaner, greener choice.


Fast to construct & cost effective

Hebel is a strong and robust building material that’s extremely cost effective. Given that Hebel panels can be easily cut on-site using standard tools, construction times are slashed and there is less wastage. The result is lower labour costs and significant savings for the homeowner.


Better Acoustics

Hebel gives you more peace and quiet. When compared to polystyrene and fibre cement external walls, Hebel significantly reduces sound transmission between rooms and also reduces noise from external sources such as traffic.

External Walls

External walls made of Hebel are able to building the popular Monolithic modern look – that is in addition to its safety and insulation features.

  • Greater living area – thinner external wall allows for greater internal living space within the same building envelope
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation – increases the level of comfort for occupants and saves on heating and cooling energy costs
  • Environmentally preferable – Hebel® is the only residential cladding material to have been awarded the Good Environmental Choice Australia Label. www.geca.org.au (reduced environmental load of at least 30% over the life cycle*)
  • Non-combustible – capable of a three house fire resistance for a fire source on the panel side
  • Smooth flat finish – ideal for a beautiful and increasingly popular rendered finish
  • Speedy installation – 2400mm panels weigh around 72kg and two people can install up to 100m2 in about three days.

*LCA Report GECA 2006

Internal Walls

There are a number of benefits for Hebel Inter-Tenancy internal walls, however reduction of noise and added security between units is of particular interest.

  • Slender walls – wall thicknesses range from 275mm to 375mm
  • Thermal resistance – excellent thermal performance
  • Acoustic performance – significantly reduced sound transmission between rooms
  • Impact noise resistance – discontinuous construction alternative to reduce transfer of impact noise
  • Quick and easy to install – fast installation and assembly with smaller construction crew requirements leading to earlier project completion. No sheeting of roof space when compared to sheet lined systems
  • Fire protection – non-combustible panels and very good fire rating for overall system (90/90/90)
  • No wet trades – cleaner, safer work area
  • Lightweight – lighter loads on structures compared to masonry block for equivalent Rw + Ctr rating