Build A Premium Home With Hebel

There are 2 traditional ways of building a modern house in Australia and Europa Constructions can work with the Hebel material to either of these methods.

1) Framed construction method. Traditionally used for brick veneer over a timber frame, Europa Constructions is able to use Hebel panels attached to the frame where the bricks would have been.

2) Solid, or loadbearing construction method. This is generally used for double brick or block homes and again Europa Constructions is able to build your home in this way using Hebel blocks.

The benefits of using Hebel over the other BlueBoard or brick methods are significant, both in the building phase and the on-going Eco-Friendliness of the house.

Renovating an existing home with Hebel

Additional rooms are easily added with Hebel. Bricks are almost never matched up to the tedancy is to render the entire house and this well suits the Hebel material. Hebel is a practical option for other ground level additions (due to its termite and damp resistance) as well as for first floor additions (as it is a lightweight material compared to bricks).

The finished result of extension using Hebel is a much more modern and fancy looking than using other boarding techniques.