Sound Barriers


Europa Constructions is experienced in using Hebel Soundbarrier in Civil projects that require a sound barrier to be installed.

Key benefits:

  • High level of design versatility from simple, geometric shadow lines within single panels to intricate variable depth routing for a truly sculptured-look over multiple bays
  • No 'repeat pattern' restrictions
  • System allows for easy, last minute design adjustments Cost effective – around 30% cheaper than alternative concrete systems

Cost effective:

– around 30% cheaper than alternative concrete systems
  • No need for costly precast moulds
  • Lightweight system (Hebel is 25% of the weight of concrete) with simple post and pier construction
  • Less craneage expense

Quicker to supply:

  • Hebel’s routing capabilities and supply line allow for delivery to site as early as four weeks from order

Proven performance:

  • Acoustics to 43dB
  • Fire and pest resistant
  • Over 1 million square metres installed over the past 20 years

Common uses include:

Road corridors

Hebel Soundbarrier performs a pivotal role in bringing a motorway’s character to life. The Soundbarrier panels ensure a recognisable identity, provided decorative relief and visual interest for motorists, offered enhanced acoustics and strong environmental credentials.

Rail corridors


Made from aerated autoclaved concrete, Hebel® SoundBarriers provided acoustic performance levels which were rated over and above the requirements for this project.


We have the technical knowledge and experience to work on these civil sound barrier projects. We are also experiences in using Hebel Soundbarrier in the Electricity sector with sound barriers around sub-station