Hebel Vs BlueBoard

Hebel offers a number of benefits over BlueBoarding

  • Hebel will look great for longer as it has less risk of cracking. The BlueBoard has join seams that  can crack with the natural movement of the house and can start to look warn after as little as 1 year depending on your situation.
  • Hebel can be rendered or painted.
  • Hebel offers more insulation to the internal area of the house as contributes to the energy efficiency rating of you house. BlueBoard offers no insulation properties to the house and therefore no contribution to your house’s energy efficiency rating.
  • Hebel can be more expensive at installation, however if you take into consideration added costs for insulation required with the BlueBoard and ongoing heating/cooling costs it is more comparable.

Contact Europa Constructions for a full description of how Hebel can work well for your specific situation.